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Katak En Route to Exciting Racing Career in Singapore

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Cape Winter Series winner Katak (Potala Palace) / Photo – Chase Liebenberg

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Bon Voyage, Katak!

Big financial decision and a long road…

Sporting Post

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Cape Winter Series star Katak has joined Listed Umngeni Handicap winner Celtic Voyager in quarantine en route to an exciting new racing career in Singapore.

Unbeaten in his only five starts last season from 1200m to 2400m, Katak joined Pocket Power and African Night Sky as the only winners of the testing Cape Winter Series Triple Crown and the son of Ridgemont Highlands’ Singspiel sire Potala Palace now has the world at his feet.

Leading owner Marsh Shirtliff told the Sporting Post on Thursday that the opportunity had arisen via Justin Vermaak for Katak to enter quarantine in Johannesburg, where he has 20 days to kick his heels.

Katak is travelling with Justin’s Celtic Voyager and, while it’s a big financial decision to make, Bryn Ressell and myself felt we had to give him the chance to go and make a name for himself in Singapore. His record proves it and every jockey that has ever ridden him confirms that he is a special horse.”

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Potala Palace by Singspiel / Photo: Ridgemont Highlands

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Marsh said that the stakes situation locally had naturally contributed to the decision.

“We are fortunate to have a good horse and we have to take our chances. The scope for earnings in Singapore puts even a prestigious race like the Met into perspective. Its’s a long road yet. He spends three months in Mauritius and will then stay 28 days in the UK. But all told, we should have him ready by February 2021 to take in the whole Singapore season. He is already a 4yo, but he has low mileage on the clock and it’s all quite exciting,” added the man who has had his fair share of champions over the years.

The Ridgemont Highlands bred Katak, a second crop son of Ridgemont Highlands Singspiel Gr1 winner Potala Palace, is out of the Windrush three time winner, Sapphire Silk. He is still a colt, so who knows what the future holds!

Katak’s travelling partner is the progressive former Glen Kotzen stakes winner, Celtic Voyager. The five time winner was bred by Maine Chance Farms, and is a son of their Silvano sire Vercingetorix, out of the three-time winning Black Minnaloushe mare, Cat’s Paw.

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