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Ridgemont Highlands – Evolution of the Brand

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Family business is a key player!

After a highly successful 2019/2020 racing season, where they topped the owner championship table in their home province of the Western Cape, the powerful Ridgemont Highlands team are looking forward to the challenges and thrills of the new term.

Sporting Post

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The burgeoning success story of the Kieswetter Family’s investment in South African racing and breeding turned the page to a brand new chapter with the acquisition of the champion nursery of Highlands Stud in 2017. And the powerhouse family business has developed into a key player on the local scene over the past three years.Talking to the Sporting Post on Wednesday, Wayne Kieswetter said that the new racing and breeding term would ring in changes in the Ridgemont Highlands management team with the emigration to Australia of Stud Manager Ross Fuller.

“In the time Ross has spent with us on the farm he has been very effective in the growth and development of the Ridgemont Highlands brand and we wish him and Carla all the very best for their new life in Australia. No doubt they are excited for the opportunity their new adventure brings them – and we will be keeping in contact and watching closely as they will undoubtedly make it a success.”

He added that Craig Carey will be relocating to Robertson to oversee the breeding operation.

“We are very excited for the continual evolution in professionalism and success that Craig will bring to the day to day running of the farm. He has been an integral component from the very beginning in helping to create the Ridgemont Highlands brand and success, and I am very excited for the next chapter.”

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An extremely dedicated and accomplished Stud Manager, Ross Fuller wished the Ridgemont Highlands team well, and thanked them for a ‘rewarding and professionally stimulating’ experience in Robertson.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Kieswetter Family and the whole team at Ridgemont Highlands for the last year, and we wish them all the best for the coming season and for all the winners to follow. It’s been a pleasure and privilege to have been associated with what is a world class breeding operation with roots firmly embedded in African soil. We are moving to Australia to start a new chapter in our lives and we will always be grateful to the Kieswetter Family for the opportunity they gave us. It has been a great pleasure working with them all.”

“My son Ross will be taking control of the Wellington Farm in the interim and it is our intention to fill the manager’s position in the next few months. We will be talking to suitable candidates and, while the Ridgemont Highlands standards are exacting and the job is a demanding one, a superb career opportunity presents itself for the right individual,” added Wayne Kieswetter.

He thanked breeders for supporting the illustrious band of Ridgemont Highlands sires and said that any enquiries with regards to bookings could be referred to his son Craig, or Craig Carey.

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